About to start my new trend

Skinny cords...yes please.  
Adding to my sweater addiction...
Browsing the websites of my favorite brands is really inspiring me to start my own trend of wearing winter clothes in the summer. Think about it....we can all lose weight by sweating while being profusely layered in all of fall's essential pieces. Wrestlers do it before big matches- they run in sweats to make weigh ins... Ok maybe not such a great idea, but check out these amazing pieces from Free People's fall 2010 collection.

Eyelet Boots
/\ and for those of you still in summer mode (like most normal people)....these look super cute under tank
tops as opposed to bra straps showing. I plan on investing in one ASAP. Or maybe two or three... 


Is anyone else ready for winter??

I NEVER thought I would say this...but I am getting antsy for fall/winter. Enough of booty shorts and mini skirts (which should really never be acceptable, considering they are unflattering on a good 70% of the population). I'm ready for LAYERS. Cardigans, peacoats, sweaters, jeans, and a cup of hot cocoa. Ahhh. Coming from the most cold natured person of all time, this really is a rarity. I will probably regret this wish once it truly is winter, but I'm tired of sweating while walking to my car.

Speaking of sweating, I'm not a huge Calvin Klein fan, but his newest idea is that women must sweat for fashion. He made this claim while stating that he is shunning shorts. NO SHORTS says Klein. Read for yourself. I actually support him in this. Although they are comfortable for lounging and casual day wear, they really are not appropriate for any dressy occasion.

SO, in preparation for fall/winter. I have picked a few of Topshop's "Into the Wild" fashion collection pieces that I really want to order. Topshop has forecasted this fall as a collection containing "tattered knits and ragged faux fur with flowing silks and sparkling chiffons for a look that's tough on the outside and delicately pretty underneath."

Back in the Game

Hello fellow fashion fanatics....

It's time to resume iKnow fashion.

I just returned from studying abroad in London and Paris. What an incredible experience. I love seeing how different fashion is abroad, compared to the very limited knowledge that I can grasp from living in Nashville. We visited amazing boutiques such as JC de Castelbajac, Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney, Liberty of London, etc. We also met with Prudence from Prudence Millinery, who designs hats for Vivienne Westwood and has had many of her hats appear in Sex and the City and Vogue!
This is a Zandra Rhodes runway dress!!
We got to have a photoshoot outside of the Fashion and Textile Museum that Zandra founded. 

In between our time meeting with fashion opinion leaders in London and Paris, we did our fair share of shopping and sight seeing- can't blame us right?? Topshop (my new obsession), Mango, H&M, Zara-stores that provide the look for less. We visited the Louvre (as seen in picture below), Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington Palace, the Eiffel Tower, etc. I feel much more cultured and I hope to return again one day SOON!