Seven Jeans at Costco???

Costco Wholesale Inc just opened a store in Manhattan on November 12th! Costco searched for the perfect location to find customers with a higher income that want to buy goods in bulk as well as luxury goods.

The luxury items they carry:
~Ugg boots for $125
~Cartier watches
~7 for All Mankind Jeans

just to name a few...

This is Costco's attempt to get a new target market to eliminate the "carless customer"

Accessories Galore!

7 for All Mankind launched a Spring 2010 Accessory Line which has been very successful. My favorite addition to this line is the eyewear..... check it out

This eyewear collection was done by Modo.
The fall eyewear line is the first ever.

Here are some of the shoes that are in the Spring 2010 line.

4 tips for styling your home....from chief buyer at Anthropologie

According to Oprah.com, chief buyer for Anthropologie, Keith Johnson says shoppers just need a little imagination and touches of good taste.

~Anthropologie seeks to not only offer a product to a consumer, but also ideas, emotions, and inspiration for every customer who walks through the door.
~Johnson gets his ideas from walking through flea markets and stopping by South African roadside furniture stores and frequently watches the Sundance Channel's show Man Shops Globe

Here are some tips he has for decorating your home:
1. Envision your dream life
2. Don't be afraid of color
3. Decorate with letters
4. Investigate People with Great Taste


Anthropologie's Target Market...what do YOU think??

So I am 21 years old, and I LOVE clothing form Anthropologie. If I had more money, all of my clothes would be from there. However, on indeed.com, there is a profile on the company that states that its target market is women with a family income of $200,000 between the ages of 30-40 who are focused on FAMILY, HOME, and CAREER.

Anyone, leave feedback on what you think. I just think the home accessories and decour seem a bit younger than 30-40.


Anthropologie's New Tie Up

On the heels of a collection with Ruffian’s Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, the company is set to debut a collaboration with L.A.-based designer Koi Suwannagate later this month. Named Lawan after the Thai word for “beautiful,” the four-style lineup is Suwannagate’s first stab at a secondary collection. “We had so many requests for pieces with a more affordable price point,” explained Suwannagate. “But we make everything in-house and it would have been too expensive for us. Working with Anthropologie was a natural fit.” The Lawan collection, which retails from $228 to $298, will feature a gown, two cardigans and a sleeveless top, all cut from wool blends and embellished with the designer’s signature frothy, hand-sculpted appliqu├ęs. “Each of them represents my past bestsellers,” said Suwannagate, adding the collaboration will be an ongoing one.

Anthropologie Saves the Day!

According to "the street", Anthropologie is keeping Urban Outfitters, Inc afloat. I don't understand all of the rates and increases that the company is bringing in, but if you DO understand it, check out this link! Urban Outfitters and Free People's sales have dropped as Anthropologie's continue to rise.


This is just ironic because it is the store within the company that is most expensive! I guess people are willing to pay a higher price for greater quality clothing! or maybe for a better name brand...

7 For All Mankind on 5th Avenue, NYC

A recent HUGE success made by the 7 jeans brand was opening a store on 5th Ave in NYC! The goal of this project was to "design and build a beautiful store that would still allow the store to be financially effective in this market." This launch has been made possible through Insite, who does all building and launches for  7FAM (7 For All Mankind...get used to this abbreviation) in places such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Brazil, the Philippines, and now NYC! The new store is in the Flatiron district.

For more info....

The Stars love 7 For All Mankind...so they must be great!


Check out this link to see which celebs sport 7 Jeans!

Cameron Diaz was said to have an "A-list butt" in her sevens!
These are the Roxanne Jeans:

Also, here is Natasha Beddingfield sporting some hot black 7 For All Mankind Jeans...


The Lodge Look

This season, Anthropologie is sporting a "Lodge Look" for women's fall clothing! From big cozy sweaters, to scarves, to shoes that look like snow boots, this line allows women to be comfortable and WARM, while still looking cute. Felted purses and kitchen bowls (random) are also in this Anthropologie line. Here are just a few...

7 for All Mankind Fall Trends- Grey and Black

Seven Jeans showcasing their fall trends that Grey and Black is where it's at! Also... new special edition jeans. Only 777 pairs available! Check it out!

And don't forget the SHOES!


Let's all give a warm welcome to...

My new 2 fashion brands Anthropologie and 7 for All Mankind! I will be studying in depth these two brands for my Fashion Branding class! So now it's time for a little background info...

Anthropologie was created in 1992 by its parent company Urban Outfitters, Inc. as a brand that can follow it's customers of Urban Outfitters into their next stage of life! It's demographic is a woman between 30-40 with a family income of over $200,000 (which is why the clothes are so pricy, but still hip!) I would say this was a successful launch by Urban Outfitters, Inc! Anthropologie has women's clothing, home goods, furniture, jewelry, shoes, etc.

7 for All Mankind, also known as Seven or Seven Jeans, were founded in 2000 as a California based designer jeans company by Michael Glasser, Peter Koral, and Jerome Dahan. These designers brought in Marc Jacobs for financial backing and wanted to fill the void they saw present in the denim market. 7 for All Mankind began by designing women's jeans and then launched men's jeans in 2002. The line now carries purses, jackets, shorts, jeans, shoes, and has a line for children!