Anthro and 7's Organizational Structure

Anthropologie is public company with headquarters located in the Greater Philadelphia area. It was founded in 1992.
Here are the executives:
there are many other positions such as creative directors, home managers, display coordinators, etc...the list goes on and on. Also, because Anthropologie is a part of Urban Outfitters, Inc, there are also more job opportunities with corporate. 

Fun Facts:
~The employees are 90% women and 10% men (obviously..haha)
~The main school most graduated from is FIT
~Many workers previously worked for Gap or Nordstrom

7 For All Mankind is a privately held company founded in 2000 whose headquarters are located in the greater Los Angeles area. Because it is privately held, exec info is harder to find, but I did read an article that Topher Gaylord is the president of the company, and Michael Egeck is CEO. 


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