Apparently, Anthro can do no wrong.

Urban Outfitters, Inc. has a great handle on their companies and marketing so that they can maximize profits. Again, no reports can be found online of any issues in the media of poor working conditions, scandals, etc. Anything I googled about Anthropologie made it sound like the brand is taking over the world!

Rumor has it that Urban Outfitters, Inc. is going green and launching a 4th store which has yet to be named, which will be a non-apparel store! Exciting to see what that will be....

According to "The Cut"  from New York Magazine...
Anthropologie Continues to Rock Our World

Anthropologie cannot put a foot wrong these days. We’ve already all bought the oversize flannel shirts, the tunics, the plaid coats, the charming housewares. Now, Urban Outfitters’ sister store is stepping up its already-not-too-shabby beauty game with some serious collaborations. The first, with ritzy Paris fragrance-maker Givaudan, is a collection of six scents made by five perfumers (Stephen Nilsen, Adriana Medina, Marypierre Julien, Caroline Sabas, and Claude Dir — trust us, in the beauty world they’re Stella McCartney) called A Rather Novel Collection. The perfumers took their inspiration from teas from around the world, and while all the scents smell heavenly, we couldn’t tear ourselves away from “Cape of Good Hope” by Claude Dir. The backstory is a little complicated (workers loading wooden chests filled with Rooibos tea in South Africa during 1498, etc.), but the juice — a delicious mix of red tea leaves, gardenia, and Madagascar vanilla — is just ... mmm. This is exactly what fragrance should be: thought-provoking, complex, and made with the utmost care.

If there were ANY problems reported on the internet, I would explain how the company has solved them. But I cannot find any, hence why I just blogged on another AWESOME thing in the woodworks with this company.



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