VF Corporation buys 7 for All Mankind

After browsing through 7 for All Mankind's financial history since it was founded in 2000, the company seems to not have had much financial trouble. It made $13 million dollars its first year which is great for the denim industry. Celebrities quickly became fans of the brand, which adds great credibility and brand loyalty without any advertising costs. Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler frequent the women's line while Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Ben Affleck have been loyal men's customers since the men's line launched in 2002. 

In 2007, the VF Corporation purchased the 7 for All Mankind Brand. This was huge for the company because VF is known for buying very strong brands such as Nautica, The North Face, and Wrangler. This purchase took place in August of 2007 and cost the VF Corporation $775 million dollars. VF is also aiding Sevens by helping them expand into other categories such as accessories, shoes, and purses to maximize profits. The success of this crossover attempt are yet to be determined, but with such a credible brand, success is likely.


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